For Our Planet, Our People, and Your Business

Only ~17% of electronics are recycled yet account for 75% of hazardous waste in landfills. Why?

E-waste is a global problem. At Electronic Asset Security, we are serious about keeping e-waste out of landfills. Devices that can not be reused or repaired are responsibly recycled.

Our landfill aversion policy ensures that no focus materials enter the landfills. In fact, we work with area landfills to remove e-waste already thrown away.


As one of Iowa’s only licensed collection facilities for CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes, the old-style TVs), we are uniquely positioned to pull e-waste out of landfills.

We also work directly with local municipalities to sponsor e-waste collection days to give residents an easy way to dispose of e-waste. Please see the Events page for an upcoming event near you!

It’s hard work, but it’s necessary. We break down any equipment that is not valuable as a whole, and all components are sent downstream to other R2v3 certified partners for materials reclamation. 

Gold, silver, palladium, aluminum, copper, steel, and rare earth minerals are reclaimed and reused in new equipment. Our earth does not have an unlimited supply of these resources, we should not be wasting our resources by burying them in a landfill. 

At Electronic Asset Security, We Are Dedicated to Keeping e-Waste Out of the Landfill

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