Recycling Events

Electronic Asset Security partners with local municipalities and organizations to provide back-end support for their electronics recycling events. We provide the equipment, staffing, and recycling experience necessary to make an event run smoothly and keep e-waste out of landfills!

Generally, anything electronic that is NOT an appliance or contains hazardous waste. See below for a more detailed list.

Sometimes, we are guests at a city recycling event to provide electronics recycling capabilities. The city or other guests may accept items we do not. Please check the city’s event website (typically linked in our description) for more details. 

Most items are accepted Free of Charge, with some exceptions for CRTs, TVs, and certified shredding for data-containing devices like hard drives, SSDs, tablets, phones, etc.  

Sometimes, the sponsoring organization will pay for these items. See the event details below for applicable fees for specific events.

Electronic Asset Security is Iowa’s ONLY R2v3 certified electronics recycler. ALL data-containing devices we accept are cleared of data before leaving our facility, with no exceptions.

Additionally, for a small fee, we can provide a personalized certificate of destruction for your records if desired.

What We DO Accept:

  • Laptops, Desktops, & Servers
  • CRT Televisions & Monitors *
  • LCD, Plasma, or OLED Televisions and Monitors*
  • Keyboard, Mice, & Speakers
  • Printers, Scanners, & MFPs
  • Network Switches, Routers, & Firewalls
  • Phones, Tablets, e-readers
  • Business Phone Systems
  • UPSs & Battery Backups
  • CDs & Flash Drives
  • And Much More…

* Some items may incur a small fee for recycling, depending on the event. Please see the detailed event descriptions below.

What We DON'T Accept:

  • Household items such as cans, bottles, cardboard, and plastics 
  • Paints, chemicals, solvents, automotive parts & fluids, and fertilizers
  • Fuel canisters or gas cylinders
  • Appliances, Microwaves, Fans, Air Conditioners, etc. 
  • Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Lamps
  • Fluorescent Ballasts
  • High Voltage Industrial Transformers
  • Loose Alkaline, NiMi, or NiCAD Batteries
  • Anything else with hazardous waste, such as PCBs, Asbestos, Mercury, gunpowder, or others

Upcoming Events

Electronic Asset Security has partnered with R&R Property Management to offer a convenient time for tenants to drop off used and unwanted electronics for proper, secure, & environmentally responsible recycling.
Electronic Asset Security has partnered with the City Of Des Moines accept electronics at their MEGA SCRUB event. All Des Moines residents are invited to bring their old and unwanted electronic devices for secure and environmentally responsible recycling!
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