Data Destruction

Protecting You and Your Customer's Data

Proper data destruction is not an option, but a fundamental responsibility for all businesses.

There is no doubt about it: when you are responsible for your or your customer’s data, you must properly dispose of your data-containing devices. From obvious items such as Hard Drives and SSDs to lesser-known devices such as printers, routers, firewalls, and more, Electronic Asset Security will sanitize all devices and ensure that it is impossible to retrieve any sensitive data.

Just one flash drive can contain millions of customer records, can you take a chance throwing it in the garbage?

We don’t take chances. Our 3 HP dual-infeed HDD/SSD shredder makes quick work of any piece of media. 3/4-inch cutting blades ensure that no hard drive will ever spin again, and 3/8-inch cutting heads on the SSD side ensure that all NAND chips are cut on the first pass. 

We’ve even specially engineered our cutting heads with such a tight clearance, not even the smallest NvME drive can slip through. 

Can your current shredding company say that?

We never sell your media online. Even though we are certified for proper logical data destruction, we never take the chance that something may slip through. Yours and your customer’s data is just not worth the risk. 

All drives contracted for secure disposal are shredded, no exceptions. The resultant material is then sent downstream to other R2v3 certified US smelters to be melted down and recycled into new materials. 

At Electronic Asset Security, We Don't Take Chances With Yours or Your Customer's Data

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