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Data Centers Are at the Center of it All

Data centers are complex facilities with extensive security and documentation requirements. Secure and accurate asset management is crucial to a successful decommissioning operation.

The nature of a data center means that it doesn’t just hold some sensitive data; it holds ALL levels of secure data. Because of this, the utmost care must be taken to ensure that any equipment removed is securely sanitized with no chance of data exfiltration.

Electronic Asset Security offers complete in-house shredding for all electronic data storage media, including support for the largest SAS to the smallest NVMe drives with a 3/8” shred width to ensure sensitive information remains uncompromised during disposal.

As technology advances, equipment has a shorter lifespan, leading to a surge in e-waste. Data centers produced 53.6Mt of e-waste in 2019, which is on track to expand to 74.7Mt by 2030 (UNU Report). Proper disposal of e-waste is essential to protect the environment and public health.

Electronic Asset Security focuses on environmentally friendly practices and vetted downstream vendors to reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment.

Because a data center can hold any and all types of data from a variety of organizations, they can be subject to an alphabet soup of regulations. SOC 1,2,&3, PCI DSSm, NIST-800-53, FISMA, HIPAA are just to name a few.

Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to severe penalties and legal consequences. Electronic Asset Security’s data handling policies ensure a continuous chain-of-custody and auditable handling process, ensuring data infrastructure organizations can adhere to the law.

Electronic Asset Security doesn’t merely dispose of IT assets; we aim to recover valuable resources from old equipment.

Refurbishing, Remarketing, or recycling components and materials can lead to cost savings for SaaS and infrastructure organizations. Recovering valuable materials, such as precious metals and rare-earth elements, also reduces the need for extracting new raw materials, thereby promoting sustainability.

Maintaining a positive reputation is essential for any data-centric organization. A breach or improper disposal of IT assets can tarnish an organization’s image and erode client trust.

By partnering with Electronic Asset Security, data infrastructure organizations can demonstrate their commitment to data security, environmental responsibility, and compliance with regulations, enhancing their reputation among clients, stakeholders, and the public.

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