EAS Ensures Compliance and Confidentiality

“A lawyer without books would be like a workman without tools” – Thomas Jefferson

If Mr. Jefferson were alive today, that quote may have been a bit different. “A lawyer without information…” may be a more appropriate statement. In the modern age, digital information is more important than ever to the legal industry. A vast amount of data is collected and distributed during a case; what do you do with it when the case is won?

Your firm handles your clients’ confidential personal information, including contact details, financial statements, and sometimes medical or employment data. Once a case is closed, securely destroying this data is crucial to protect your client’s privacy and safety and maintain your law firm’s reputation.

We offer in-house shredding for all electronic data storage media, including support for the largest SAS to the smallest NVMe drives with a 3/8” shred width to ensure sensitive information remains uncompromised during disposal.

Law firms must not only follow the regulations of their local governments and bar associations but also adhere to the data security regulations of the industries producing the data they store. They need to abide by HIPAA & HITECH (Medical ), GLBA, SOX, FFIEC (Financial ), and more generally applicable regulations such as FACTA, PCI DSS, and GPDR (for the EU).

Electronic Asset Security’s data handling policies comply with all such rules, ensuring that your law firm can adhere to the law.

Proper ITAD processes involve recycling, reusing, or disposing of e-waste following local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Like many industries, Legal firms are also under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Instead of disposing of decommissioned equipment, Electronic Asset Security first separates what is repairable, refurbishable, or reusable. Whatever is left over is broken into its components to continue the recycling process through proper commodity extraction.

Failure to comply with data protection regulations will result in significant fines and penalties. Additionally, data breaches can lead to legal actions, client trust erosion, and damage to your firm’s public reputation.

At Electronic Asset Security, we prioritize the security of your data; it’s ingrained in our identity. When it comes to protecting your firm’s integrity, don’t rely on ordinary recyclers. Partner with Electronic Asset Security for a secure, eco-friendly Electronic Asset Management solution specifically tailored to the needs of law firms.

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