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About EAS: Leading ITAD Solutions in Des Moines

Welcome to EAS, the leading ITAD solutions provider in Des Moines, offering unparalleled expertise in IT asset disposition. Our comprehensive services, including secure data destruction, asset recovery, and environmentally-friendly recycling, ensure that your electronic assets are managed responsibly. With a commitment to sustainability and data security, EAS guarantees the highest industry standards and tailored solutions to meet your business needs. Discover how EAS can help your business today. 

Security is Always Our First Priority

We don’t take security lightly. With years of experience in the information security industry, we know how important it is always to control your data. A single SSD could contain millions of pieces of PII, ePHI, or Classified Data, costing your company millions of dollars if lost.

Because of this, we do NOT EVER allow any data-containing device to leave our facility without either being securely wiped or completely destroyed. Even if you do not want a certificate of destruction, we will destroy the data because our reputation, as well as yours, is on the line. About EAS: Leading ITAD Solutions Provider in Des Moines

About EAS Leading ITAD Solutions in Des Moines
About Electronic Asset Security Leading ITAD Solutions in Des Moines

Bringing the Human Back to Customer Service

The human factor has been lost in this age of big business management. We suffer through endless phone trees, different departments for each task, and clueless level 1 helpdesk employees who don’t care that a 5-minute task is taking hours to complete. 

At Electronic Asset Security, our goal is to simplify your day. We know you don’t want to spend all day just trying to schedule a recycler to clear your storage room. You want it taken care of with one call (or e-mail or text) so you can go to lunch! At EAS, we are here to make recycling EASY. 

Doing Good for the Planet and the People

Responsibly recycling electronic waste does good for people and the planet. Why fill a landfill with something that could do good for other people? Why throw away what can be recycled into new equipment? There is no good reason not to, yet only ~18% of e-waste is currently recycled globally. Why? We believe it is because people see recycling as a burden. At Electronic Asset Security, we believe recycling should be easy on the mind and easy on the budget.

About EAS Leading ITAD Solutions in Des Moines

At Electronic Asset Security, we go above and beyond to protect your business from potential data risks and environmental hazards associated with electronic asset disposal. We are your dependable partner in sustainable and secure ITAD solutions. Join us on our journey toward a safer and greener tomorrow!

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